Innovation for a sustainable future

Enabling significant productivity, environmental and animal welfare benefits for the Australian and global livestock industry.
Our purpose

Reimagining the livestock system for future food resilience

Nbryo has an ambitious vision of positively impacting Australian and global livestock farming communities, food security, animal wellness and livestock methane emissions.

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The Nbryo vision, purpose and technology.

The sustainability pillars that guide us

In our vision we reflect on a future where Nbryo can facilitate farm system transformation towards a nutritious, regenerative and ethical livestock production model.

Food security & health

“10 billion people well nourished”


Significant contribution to reducing food security challenges across high, medium and low income countries. All protein sources optimised for the benefits they bring to human nutrition.

Prosperous communities

“Thriving farms and communities”


Simplified processes that result in greater farm productivity, improved sustainability and boosted profitability that enables farmers and their supporting communities to thrive into the future.

Animal wellbeing

“Healthy animals that are valued by society”


All animals are deeply respected as the cornerstone of an effective farm system, serving a meaningful role in society as their contribution is better understood and valued.

Natural systems resilience

“A net zero, nature positive future”


A food production system that deeply respects all natural systems and transitions to a net zero environmental impact through solution to climate change, such as addressing methane emissions in livestock.

Our sustainability framework

The four pillars represent the priorities for Nbryo and our stakeholders to enable long term sustainable development in pursuit of our bold ambition.

Our sustainability framework provides 12 key focus areas, underpinned by seven UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are working towards solidifying our commitments, metrics and enabling activities to define measurable outcomes around these focus areas.

A culmination of our purpose vision and technology is shown in the diagram below.

Nbryo's sustainability pillars and key focus areas

Nbryo technology journey

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