Game Changing Technology

Ambitious product development

Nbryo plans to make successful embryo transfer available and affordable to every beef and dairy producer around the world. While in vitro produced embryos and embryo transfer is not new, technology to make it cost effective for commercial herds is a game-changer. Nbryo has a product development pathway to create an end-to-end solution.

Our platform

The platform that Nbryo is developing will give beef and dairy producers access to:

Genetic selection


Accurate sexing and genetic reliability for the calves being produced

Embryo production


Low-cost, high-scale production of high-quality embryos

Transfer process


Simplified transfer of embryos and improved embryo preservation and logistics

Data analysis


Automated traceability and advanced analytics will enable critical insights and actions

Productivity benefits

Nbryo allows for production value to be improved while simultaneously reducing methane emissions

The Nbryo technology platform is being developed to improve productivity and environmental outcomes in three ways:

  • Productivity improvements lead to reduced emissions intensity. By accelerating genetic improvement emissions per unit of beef or dairy product will be reduced.
  • Structural herd change. The ability to determine the type of calf a cow can produce means that a whole breeding operation can be restructured. Structural change allows for the adjustment of herd composition to allow for greater efficiency in a production system by producing the right mix of animals. This will maximise production sustainability and profitability, whilst reducing the number of low value animals such as bobby calves.
  • Direct selection for lower methane. The genetics of methane production by cattle are increasingly well understood. In the near future, selection of animals with lower methane and higher productivity will be possible at the embryo stage.
Nbryo improves production value and reduces methane emissions
Case study

Nbryo technology can transform the entire value chain

The Nbryo platform will deliver accurate identification of desirable traits and an increased selection intensity, providing benefits across the entire value chain.

Pictured below: An example case study of a New Zealand large mixed dairy and beef operation detailing value chain benefits.

Nbryo Livestock and Dairy breeding improvements

Innovation for a sustainable future

Read how the Nbryo platform will create environmental and animal welfare benefits for the global livestock industry.

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Meet our Scientific Advisory Committee

Providing a robust governance framework for our research program, the Nbryo Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) offers decades of global industry experience across biotechnology, agriculture and animal health.

Pictured right: Committee members, Nbryo team and guest following recent SAC meeting.

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