Reimagining the livestock breeding system for future food resilience

Enabling significant productivity, environmental and animal welfare benefits for the global livestock industry.
Innovating Livestock Breeding Systems

Pioneering sustainable beef & dairy production

Nbryo is an Australian business seeking to transform beef and dairy production systems globally through developing and commercialising a platform of technologies that enable a new breeding system.

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The Challenge

The global livestock industry is under pressure

The global livestock industry provides livelihoods for over 2 billion people and is a major contributor to GDP, food security and human nutrition. Livestock producers are facing increasing pressure to reduce environmental and animal welfare impacts of production, whilst providing sustainable and affordable protein to the world. Livestock production is under existential threat due to the impacts of climate change, its contribution to climate change & the rise of alternatives to animal sourced protein.

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The Nbryo Revolution

Nbryo technology will transform the entire value chain

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Increased productivity

Embryos selected with desired traits will increase productivity for beef and dairy producers, enabling positive environmental impacts, and enhanced animal wellbeing. Food processors, retailers and consumers will benefit from product consistency and quality.

Lower costs

Nbryo’s platform will provide cost-effective solutions that are scalable and accessible to meet the diverse needs of livestock producers around the world.

Accelerated genetic improvement

Embryo transfer enables accelerated genetic improvement resulting in improved productivity, systems change and direct selection for reduced emissions.

"We are confident that the Nbryo platform can deliver the biggest change ever to the global ruminant industries and it will be delivered by leveraging the emerging technologies from the 4th Industrial Revolution."
Euan Murdoch, Co founder | Chair | Director
The Nbryo Process

How it works

Nbryo’s integrated platform, uses advanced integrated bio-digital technologies to scale rapidly at low cost. Existing livestock breeding systems are slow and difficult to scale. What if you could accelerate reduced emissions, lower costs and higher productivity and achieve 7 years of genetic improvement in 7 days?

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Genetic selection

Identify embryos of desired sex and breeding values including lower methane traits


Embryo production

Novel embryo development technology enables low-cost high-scale production of high quality embryos


Transfer process

Enhanced embryo transfer and improved preservation and logistics will substantially reduce costs and skill barriers


Data analysis

Advanced analytics including artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable insights not currently available in the sector

"A systems change in livestock production for global benefit is ambitious, but critical for future sustainability. We are working with world leading agribusinesses and the brightest minds to create this change. I look forward to the day when Nbryo is the primary platform for livestock breeding."
Nick Cameron, Co founder | Director Technical Development

Meet the team

Meet the minds behind Nbryo. Get acquainted with the dedicated team propelling our mission forward. From research to implementation, discover the people making it all happen.

Meet the team

Our research partners

Our business has an impressive research network that includes five universities, three companies and other institutions across Australia, New Zealand, India, Kenya and the USA. Nbryo also collaborates for commercial development with companies, research institutions, government and other organisations in those countries.

Our funding partners

Research to develop the Nbryo platform to date has been funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Nbryo Pty Ltd. Additionally, Nbryo has attracted significant equity investment to develop its commercialisation capability.


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